May 31, 2013

It's that time of year again!!

I figured I'd continue on with my once a year blogging tradition...

Not much has changed since last May 31st. I am still in school, only I'm one year closer to being done. I have 2 big exams in June, one in September, and then 2 more in November, and then I am DONE!!

It will be almost exactly three years from start to finish of the program, which I am very proud of considering I wasn't able to transfer any credits into the program from my undergraduate degree. Who would have thought I'd have zero use for biology??

I am beyond stressed out at the moment because I'm afraid these two exams on June 10th and 11th might kill me. Not because I don't think I know the material, but I'm afraid my hand might actually fall off!  Each exam is four hours long and worth 100% of my mark (no pressure!).  And that is two nights in a row. I know I'm crazy and I've done this to myself but I like to indulge in self-pity once in a while.

Don't really have a whole lot more to say, I'm meeting my study group tomorrow morning at the library to do a practice exam from 10:30-2:30. After that it is more studying!  I'm sure once my life actually gets exciting again I will come back to this blog, but until that time, I'm out!!

(And I REALLY hope that happens before May 31, 2014!)

May 31, 2012

Oh my goodness - I cannot believe it has been exactly one year since I have blogged.  I remembered somehow that my last post was on May 31st, so I figured we can just pretend this past year just didn't happen and move forward.  Sound good?

Realistically, it's going to still be quite a while before I can post with the frequency I once did. 

Those were the days, when I could spend hours upon hours taking pictures and posting pictures, and sorting them into albums... These days I never even use my camera!  It is all for a good cause though, so I thought I should give a little update. 

I am still working hard towards my CGA designation.  My job is going really well and is my employers are very supportive of my education and assisting me in obtaining the professional development that I require in order to get my designation. 

I kinda went a bit crazy a while back and decided that I want to get this thing DONE as quickly as I can.  So I am taking 8 courses/year.  This is just slightly less than the amount of courses I took per year while I was a full time university student.  Only these courses are way harder... and I'm also working full time. 

So, my brain is being very enriched at the moment and I truly do love what I am doing and learning, so that makes it not so painful to be spending every waking moment "on".  My social life is suffering, understandably.  I am having to say no to more and more social engagements, but this is what I have to do right now.  I have made a commitment to myself that I am going to get this done, and if you know me personally, you know I am a very determined person!

The good thing is, I have figured out my timeline and if I stay on course (and don't have a nervous breakdown between now and then) I will be DONE, letters behind name, exactly 2 years from now.  I know that still seems like a very long time, and it kinda is.  But to have the goal date makes it seem very attainable and gives me that glimmer at the end of the tunnel.  Time is going so freaking fast that I'm sure that the next two years will just fly by! 

I will try to update this blog, but I will give no promises... I've kinda felt like this blog is my neglected child that I really should pay attention to, but then avoid at all costs.  When I sat down to write this just now it took me a while to figure out HOW to write a post - blogger has changed in the last year! 

So until May 31, 2013... have a good one everybody!

May 31, 2011

A funny story to let you know I am alive

8 Days until my exam - woohoo!

Tonight while Kev and I were walking the dogs we were discussing our slight ant "problem".  You see, there have been a few ants in our house, not a lot.  Kevin has taken it upon himself to kill any and all ants on our entire property.  I can't even tell you how many bottles of ant killer he has gone through.  (This is a touchy subject that causes the OCD to flare up big time.)

Anyway, so on the walk I mentioned that I have only ever seen one ant in the house.  Not a big deal to me, it was one of those small little ants.  

Our conversation went as follows:

Me: I've only ever seen one ant in the house. 

Kev:  Where was the ant?  When was this?

Me:  In the front hall, when I was putting on my shoes.  It was like 2 weeks ago.  No big deal, just a little squish and he was gone.

Kev:  You can't just squish them and leave them there!!!  Ants come to get their dead people!!!

Me:  You are crazy.

Kev:  No seriously, they leave little trails behind them, that is why they walk in a line.  When they come across a dead one they pick it up and take it home.  I've seen them do it.  

Me:  Awww, that's kind of nice of them to do that.  

...anyway, that is our conversation.  The bolded line is really the only reason I even posted this.  I practically peed my pants when he said this to me. 

May 18, 2011

Adventures with dogs

There have been three puddles of pee in our house in the past three days.  We know from past experience that this means that something is wrong.  Our girls do NOT have accidents unless something is wrong!

Someone is sick, but who???

All we have are puddles of pee, but no clue who is creating them.  

So, not wanting to clean one more puddle, Kevin and I decided that both dogs would visit the vet and we'd let them figure out which dog is having the issue.  Kev called the vet and made an appointment for both dogs today at 3:30.  

I left work at 3, went and got the dogs, and brought them both to the vet.  

They were expecting us, and as soon as I walked in, the vet tech said "so Bailey and/or Burgundy isn't feeling well??" and I said "yes, we're not quite sure who!"

As I was saying that, Bailey squatted on the mat in the waiting room to pee.  Alright, problem solved, Bailey is the one you need to deal with!  So she quickly went and got a syringe and sucked some pee right up from the floor!  It obviously had tons of bacteria in it (because it was from the floor) but the vet was comfortable giving Bailey some routine antibiotics to hopefully clear up any bugs that are giving her troubles right now.

Isn't Burgy a lucky girl??  She was about to get a needle stuck in her bladder to extract urine...and it would have been for nothing.  Maybe Bailey knew it and was trying to save her the trouble??

Regardless, it was just too funny not to share :)

May 13, 2011

A bit of a confidence boost!

I got my grade back for the last course I did - 82%!  Woohoo!  

My grade was accompanied by a letter from the CGA congratulating me on my "academic excellence"... The letter is prominently displayed on the fridge.  In university, 82% wasn't such a big deal, but the course was so freaking hard that I am over the moon.  This is another reason why I am very excited to do the next 12 or so courses through a University!

My Econ exam is on June 9th - I'm in the final month, which actually makes it much easier to buckle down and focus (even more) on schoolwork.  The end is in sight - and I can't wait!  

May 10, 2011

St. Paddy's Day Kegger

Brace yourself, I'm about to blog about a social event.  There will be real pictures, not taken with my Blackberry.  Prepare to be amazed!

This year, we were invited to a St. Paddy's day Kegger at our friends Ian and Laura's house.  It made me feel like I was back in University again.  Oh wait, I am back in University again.  I guess I should say that it reminded me of the fun kind of University. 

Court sporting some beer goggles pretty early on!
Kev and Scott - looking good in green!!
Can't have a St. Paddy's party without green beer!
So fun!  I ate so much green food.
Smiley Jen
Scott is doing us all a favour and posing to prevent any indecency.  You can use your imagination.
Laura (our wonderful host) and Jimmy!
Lola and I
Megan and Justin
The stretchy green people...
Catherine and Court - looking good!!
"....allll by mysellllfffff...."  

(Jackie took this picture and explicitly told me the caption I had to use)
The sun is still a shining!
Justin and Jack
Love these boys!
Keg stands on the balcony - in the afternoon?  I think yes.
Perfect juxtaposition against the kids playing in the park, lol.
Cuuuute siblings!  :)
Evinou's + 1
Uh-oh - it looks like Laura fell victim to the green ball.
What a meanie, not telling her that if you were holding a pitcher, you didn't have to drink the entire thing when the ball is dropped in it!
Jackie is having a good time.
Justin and Ian.
Jen, Cath and Jane
Kev and Wheats - posing interestingly...
Me and the hubster!
Court's turn with the keg
Thank you Laura and Ian for having us! 

May 5, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!!

I'm probably not going to be near as faithful as I have been in the past to this blog, but I am over my blogging funk.  I think it must have been the two consecutive days of sunshine we've had.  Totally threw me for a loop.

A quick update:  I have a little over a month until my Econ exam - not looking forward to that.  However, I am now officially a student at Athabasca University (in Alberta, LOL) and I start my next course through there on June 1st.  I am looking forward to it, as I know it's not going to be near as difficult as doing courses directly through the CGA.  (The credits are a direct transfer though.)

Anyway, work is going great as well.  I don't really have much to complain about - I've just been so darn busy.  Since I've only been getting to the gym twice a week, I've had to find other ways to get some exercise... and that includes going for walks with my sister and our dogs!

Today (and yesterday) Sarah and Sadie came by after work to go on a nice 6km walk with me and my girls.  It was just too beautiful out today - THIS is what we've been waiting 6 long cold months for!!

When we got home from our walk, we hung out in the front yard a little bit - so the dogs could slobber and drool and drink water like wild animals.  (I'm talking to you Sadie!)

I noticed that our Magnolia tree, which was gifted to us last Spring, has a BLOOM!  Only one, but it's a bloom nonetheless!
 A closer look... don't mind the quality, I took these pictures with my Blackberry!
 This is my attempt at getting a portrait of the girls sitting next to our blooming magnolia tree!
 I can guarantee you that they would not have been this cooperative if they weren't so gosh darn tired!
 I'm so proud of that little tree.  It braved a brutal winter!
 I would have to say that my mission is complete!
 ...and one more, just because I love this picture of Bailey.  Could she look any happier??